Commercial Examples

How it works

Regardless of the size of your building, if it uses water, particularly in large quantities, we can design a bespoke accredited system that will achieve a planned saving in water consumption with consequent cost savings.  Adapted to meet the building’s specific constraints and demands, the system collects recyclable water, whether from the building or from rainwater, before pumping it through a filtration system and, after chemical treatment, storing it for later use.  The treated and recycled water, which is clean and absolutely harmless to individuals and the environment, is then use for WC flushing or any other suitable purpose.

Modern plant and innovative, patented and accredited design are the keys to success and by combining the two we are now the industry leaders in the water-recycling field

Water Recycling – Building it into your budget

For every new building, life-cycle costing plays a major part in the project budget.  For a new hotel, the cost of installing a water recycling system could account for approximately half of one percent of the total building budget with a consequent saving of up to forty percent in water use and a return on investment in under five years.

For a University halls of residence, the costs and savings are similar just as they would be for naval and military residential blocks.  Leisure centres and public swimming pools can produce even greater savings due to their particular use of water.  For domestic residential dwellings, for a total cost in the order of £1,400 a payback period of five years or less can be achieved.

Recycling water saves running costs; it also proves and proclaims the environmental awareness of the owner/developer.

Can you afford to ignore the potential cost, public image and conversation benefits that water recycling provides?