Water Wiser Systems

Installation procedure waterwiser sump chamber

  1. The logical position for the Sump Chamber is where the Soil Vent Pipe (S.V.P) exits the building.  This allows easy connection of the overflow to the foul sewer.
  2. Dig a hole large enough to accommodate the Sump Chamber and deep enough so that the 110mm inlet invert of the Sump matches the G.W. outlet pipe from the property.
  3. The top edge of the Sump will need to be extended up to ground level with as many courses of bricks as required.  An inspection cover to suit the finished ground is bedded onto the brickwork.
  1. Connect the 110mm Sump overflow to the foul sewer via a trapped gully.
  2. A 25mm Durapipe (or similar) pipe is connected to the pump outlet from the Sump, (1”. BSP MALE) and then routed to the roof space via the S.V.P. Boxed duct.
  3. The pump is supplied with a length of waterproof flex.  This is routed in a suitable conduit into the building via a junction box and then up to the roof space using 2.5mm Twin and Earth.
  4. Carefully back fill round the Sump with a suitable granular material.
  5. There should be a non-return valve situated between the Collection Tank overflow and the soak-away.